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Making all the years, the best years

Our Story

We rescued our first Weimaraner in 2006, and never looked back. We knew our lives were changed forever. In our wildest dreams, we never thought we would be here today, allowing these special animals to live out the last days, weeks and months of their lives in our home, and in our hearts.

Our goal is to rescue, foster and rehome as many dogs as we can. The foundation strives to give dogs, no matter their age, health history, or future medical needs, a warm & loving home. Since most of the dogs we've rescued and will rescue come from poor living conditions, abuse, neglect, we've adopted an "open bed" policy in our home.  They get to sleep wherever they want.  We often take in a rescue, and call them our own, until their time comes to move on to their next life.

Our mission has developed over the last few years, as we have started to foster and then adopt out some of the dogs to other loving homes. We are fortunate to have the space and time for these dogs. The foundation covers all food and medical bills while we have the dogs in our care.  For the forever fosters and temporary foster dogs,  our intention is to help financially with the expenses of food, medication and veterinary bills. This is meant to ease the financial burden on their new foster family and possibly encourage others to open their homes to a senior or special needs animal.  This allows us to help save more lives.

How it works

We take in as many dogs as we can.  When in our care, our non-profit covers all medical, food and living expenses.  Any donations, go directly to the care of these wonderful animals. We often take in a dog and see out their last days/years in our own, loving, home. Other times, we foster them until we can find another home, suitable for the dog's needs.  It takes a special home, and community to take in a golden aged rescue. 

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