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SugarFace Crew

Though we wish we could care for every dog in need of a home, we can only accommodate so many at one time.  That's where you come in! Check out our adoptable dogs! 

Current Crew 




Molly was adopted from the Texas Weimaraner Rescue. She was found as a stray near the Mexican border. Molly is very timid and doesn’t seek out affection, but once you approach her, she loves every minute of attention. Molly is blind in one eye. She has an interesting hair color pattern on her face, one side has no sugar and the other half sugar.


Black Lab Mix

Cashy boy is sweet boy we adopted from Nuzzles & Co. in Park City, UT.  We went in to meet him and immediately knew we needed to bring him home.

He was surrendered to Nuzzles by his original adopter after 10 years together. He was surrendered by his owner for various reason, his loss was our gain. Cashy is super gentle and loves affection. Beware though, if you start petting him, you should be prepared to go until he’s ready for you to stop.




Little Odie is our first 'tiny' dog. He was surrendered to CAWS in Utah. Odin was attacked by another dog while in foster care. His wounds were left undiagnosed, he became septic and was losing weight quickly. Fortunately, we were able to rescue him, and get him to our incredible vet in time to be treated appropriately. He is now happy, healthy and living a well-deserved, pampered, life.

Lucy "Lulu"


Lucy "Lulu" Is one of the most entertaining sweethearts you will every meet. We are still unsure of her breed, but we have sent out a DNA test and cannot wait to see the results!  Lucy joined the crew from the Humane Society of Utah.  She was battling stomach issues and wouldn't eat.  After being syringe and hand fed for weeks she has slowly started eating normally with the crew.  We are so happy to be able to give her the good life she deserves!



Redbone Coonhound

Sweet Gigi was left to wander the Unita mountains.  She spent many days and nights out on her own before ending with the Summit County Animal Control. Once brought into our care Laura noticed a few things that seemed a little off. Her intuition was correct, Gigi was struggling with a thyroid issue.  Now that she's gotten the right medical treatment her sweet personality has livened right up.

SF - Gigi.jpg

Adoptable Crew




Gracie came to us from our veterinarian. We were at the vet that day with Ally, and one of the technicians asked if we were interested in a young Weimaraner.

Who could say no?

Her owners had broken up, and neither wanted to keep her. The technician knew the former couple and was trying to find her a home. One look at Gracie, and we had to adopt her.

Gracie is a little sweetheart who needs lots of love and attention to keep her happy. She definitely loves to be around her people.


 5 - Hound Mix!

Penny was brought into Sugar Face Foundation from a very tough past.  She barely had any hair left, had very swollen eyes, was bleeding from scabs, and could not stop itching.  With the help of the wonderful vets at Wasatch Animal clinic Penny was able to start her recovery.  With lots of love, care, and medication Penny is healthy, happy, and beautiful hound.  Even though she wasn't treated well in the past, she is absolutely the sweetest girl to everyone she meets. Penny is currently available for adoption!


River - On Hold


River is a 1-2ish year old Weimarnar.  He went thru a tough stretch after being abandoned and left as stray near Salt Lake City.  He ended up with Salt Lake County Animal Services and through a great partnership with them was transferred to Sugar Face Foundation on 2/24/2023.  He is very fit and happy boy!  He has recovered from being neutered is currently available for adoption!

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