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A Tribute to Our Angels

Gone from earth, but never from our hearts



Weimaraner; Adopted 2006

Ally was found roaming the streets outside Cleveland, OH. She was malnourished, causing severe dental issues, and extreme weight loss. When we stumbled on a post saying Ally would be euthanized in 2 days if she didn’t find a new home, we knew what we had to do.

The Vet guessed Ally was between the ages of 5-7 when we brought her home. A beautiful Blue Weimaraner, with one ‘Baloney’ ear and one ‘Fried Baloney’. Ally was not only our first rescue, but she was also our first dog! A Daddy’s girl from the start, the sweetest, most well-tempered dog, despite everything she had been through.

Eventually Ally was unable to walk, after exhausting all options to keep her living a comfortable life, we had to make the difficult decision to lay her to rest.  We take comfort  knowing she lived out her last years in a loving home.



Weimaraner; Adopted 2008


Pippa was adopted from The Weimaraner Rescue in Ontario Canada in 2008. She was surrendered when her owners no longer wanted to treat her severe skin allergies.

When we rescued her, she was suffering from multiple skin conditions that caused severe rashes, and uncontrollable itching.

She travelled with Laura all the time over their years together. She was Laura's best friend and personal bed warmer, sleeping under the covers every night. She had a quirky personality. She loved to jump into snow and ponds, diving for rocks. She loved to eat snow too. 

We were able to help Pippa, in her last years, to live as comfortably as possible. Though trips to the vet were frequent, we know she lived out her final years loved and cared for.





 Bode was found in Alabama tied to a tree. He had heart worn and was under weight. The NYS Weimaraner rescue brought him up to NY and rehabilitated him and was able to get him heart worm negative. We adopted him from them right after he was medically cleared. Bode was a mush ball. So sweet and gentle. Gracie (see current crew) was his main dog companion for the years we had him, he let her do whatever she wanted. The cancer Bode had eventually started to spread rapidly, and there were no reasonable treatment options for him. We lost Bode in late 2021.





We rescued Boston from the Denver Weimaraner Rescue.  His former owners had neglected to feed him, so the State of Utah confiscated him in an animal cruelty case.  Unfortunately, he had become extremely malnourished and was basically skeleton when he was found. After a short time with us Boston succumbed to brain cancer. We were fortunate to have “Bostie” for the last few months of his life. We are comforted knowing he lived out his last days well loved and cared for. 



German Shorthaired Pointer


We adopted Gunner when he was 9 years old. His former owner was in the US Military. He received his deployment date and could not find anyone to care for him during that time. Gunner was the sweetest, most gentle dog we’ve ever had. Gunner had a tumor on his heart that took him from us a few years after he came to our family. He was well loved and cared for throughout his entire life.

Picture or Video 379_edited.jpg


Weimaraner; Adopted 2008


Buddha was rescued, after being passed from owner to incapable owner, from Long Island, NY. He had been locked in a crate for the most of his first 5 years of life, which resulted in some aggressive tendencies. After his 3rd owner had had enough, we swooped in and rescued him from euthanasia. Buddha had his issues, but once we learned what he needed, and how he operated, we were able to get him on the right track. He loved his 3 sister-dogs more than anything. He would often go on adventures to bring us back animal carcuses or steal loaves of bread from the counter. Always entertaining and loving. Unfortunately, his health went downhill, after being with us for 8 years, and when he was no longer happy, able to move about or eat, we had to make the ultimate decision. Though his last 8 years were in a loving and warm home, we wish we had gotten to him sooner so that all his years could have been wonderful. RIP Baby Buddha

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